Family Car Trips and Friends’ Kids

Hey Everyone!

Today my parents, my aunt and uncle, and myself went to the beach for the day. My aunt loves going to the coast each time she visits.

Despite the fact that I went with my family rather than going on my own, I still had a good day. I normally have Friday’s off, with working four ten’s. This week I switched my Thursday and Friday schedule so that I could go to the beach. I will work tomorrow.

IMG_0988I absolutely love the beach, I would move there if I had a job there that I could support myself on. It is one of the few places that feels right, and fits me. I could write an entire post about why I feel that the coast is the best fit for me, of anywhere I have been. I may write that post in the near future, but not tonight.

On the way back to the city, we had taken the route that takes one by the general area I lived in while in college. My aunt wanted a cherry dipped cone from Dairy Queen, so we stopped in one said town that I frequented often in college. I had gotten dutch bros, and then took the car, and went to see a friend of mine, her husband and kids. I had texted my friend prior to dropping by to make sure they were up to it.


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