Is a Big Move in my near (enough) future?

Hey Everyone! 

This past week the lord has put it on my heart to be willing to move to a state that I, personally have no desire to move to. Why I put it as to be willing to move is that he hasn’t made it clear to me that he wants me to move there as of writing this post. 

I don’t write much about my religious beliefs on this blog, because 97% of the time, I aim to stick with normal life situations, or just what goes on in my life, because religion/faith/beliefs can be and are sensitive and hot topics. Why I am writing about a bit right now, is because what I am going through is related to my beliefs and if it should come to fruition would have an impact on the content of my blog, when it takes place. 

Growing up, and through my own experience I have seen God ask myself and others of things, especially things that would be hard for us to do on our own, to help us to grow, and to try us. By try us, in this sense I am talking more about to see if we are willing to do what he asks of us, and to trust him. 

For me, the state that has been put on my heart would be hard for me, because it is geographically and topographically different from the region o know and love. It is also culturally different. While I know I am conservative for I live, culturally this state would probably make me seem much more liberal than I am. 

One of the biggest worries I have is the availability of dairy free and gluten free food. Beings that I am strictly dairy free and generally gluten free that is a constant worry. I know that I could deal, as long as a bigger city was within a distance that a round trip could be done in a day. Over the years I have done enough research to put my mind at ease enough to know I could and would make it work a lot of places, between finding out what is available locally and then ordering what I wanted off the internet (I know I can order the almond coconut milk I like and all the Bob’s Red Mill flours online). 

It would be a hard adjustment, and I know I would miss the Pacific Northwest immensely, as it is my home and I love all the fir trees and mountains we have here. With that being said, I am willing to move, wherever the lord wants me to move, even if it is not what I , the stubborn human, who can’t read the future, wants. 

Thought had just come to me, that where I move, it may be easier to find modest but cute jean skirts and other cute modest skirts. While I have no desire to give up my jeans, of late I have been keeping my eyes open for modest jean skirts. They are so hard to find here. 


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