I want to make a difference.

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was one of those days where I have been busy and doing something all day. This morning I went grocery shopping, then I spent the afternoon cooking, after which I went for a walk and did a PiYo workout. After I did PiYo, I showered, put a load of laundry in the washer, and then had dinner. I have since sat down, and I am like, where did the day go????? This is why I love three day weekends. I still have the normal weekend to rest up from today and this past week.

In College my favorite classes were my History of the American West and Gender Issues classes. I am thankful that I do live in the day and age of Indoor Plumbing, Electricity, Modern Refrigeration, Childhood Vaccines, deodorant and Modern female products. With that being said there is a lot about how life was 60+ years ago, when children learned more by the age of 16 than I ever learned in college. Children could go out and play, and run around town until the street lights came on, and no one really had to worry about them being kidnapped and worse.  I also can remember a time before a lot of people had personal computers and cell phones. I am not saying that these are bad, as I am using my own personal computer as we speak. My point is, is that times have changed, and technology is taking over our lives. There is something to be said for a family to have dinner together and have a real conversation each evening. Being able to unplug, and have real human interactions and not be glued to my phone, so that I can build relationships, and really enjoy doing what I love.

My ideal career would be one where I could use my craft skills, and my passion to help and advocate for children who are living in poverty here in America. I also know that their are those out there, who would love to do something to help but don’t know how. I am working to find a job that is more than a job, that would turn into a career, where I am making a difference in the lives of children, while using my passion for knitting (and possibly my passion for the great outdoors) to make a difference.

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