I know what I want

Hey Everyone!

This weekend is flying by way to fast. Friday Evening after work and yesterday I ran a while bunch of errands. Friday evening was all about grocery shopping. Yesterday I went to the bank, Fred Meyer, Bob’s Red Mill and Joann Fabric and Craft. I got 5 skeins of yarn (1 was originally $10.99, and 2 others were Originally $6.99) I had three 50% one regular priced item coupons which I used for the wool that I bought. 

After I had gotten home from errands I baked bread and muffins. This afternoon after church I had made a double batch of Lentils. 

I have also spent a lot of time this weekend working on my current knit for kids sweater. I also watched Bryan Lanning’s full screen concert on stageit. 

You know when you want something you know is right for you so bad that it’s worth fighting for and that working hard to get there is worth the pain, sweat and tears. That is what I am working for. Talking to my “sister” last night, reminded me that I have a place I belong, and have a family. 


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