Waiting for a chance to Breathe

Hey Everyone!

I finally had some down time this afternoon after church. 

This week I spent 49 hours working, then spent Friday evening after work baking and cooking. 

If I ever mention my sister I am referring to a very good friend of mine who, besides not actually being blood related to me, I consider to be my sister. Her husband (also a friend) I often refer to as my brother in law and their kids are my nephews and niece. 

Yesterday morning after spending time explaining work stuff to my mom (who is helping work on the project I do full time at work), to help get her uo to speed. I went to the mall to do some birthday shopping for my niece. I am not one who leaves stuff like that to the last minute. Beings that my niece just turned 2 last minute shopping was easy. I also picked up a couple books each for my nephews. 

I also stopped at the Disney store where I got my niece a stuffed Winnie the Pooh doll to go with her books.  I picked out goodnight moon, corduroy, and a Peppa Pig book for her. While at the Disney store I got a Merida Doll for myself. 

I also stopped at teavana and got tea before I left the mall. I got earl gray tea, earl gray creme tea, and a citrus lavender sage tea. 

Before hitting the road to go see my sister, brother in law and the kids, as well as go to the dessert auction at church I came back to the house, wrapped gifts and got food. 

There was a bidding war for a certain coconut cream pie at the auction. The whole reason behind it from what I had heard, was that this pie is one of the few if not the only pie that one of the bidders actually likes, and every year they buy this pie, so the other bidder just kept going higher to have a little friendly competition and mix things up. The whole thing was entertaining for those of us watching. 

I eventually left there a bit after 9 pm, getting back here around 10:30 and went to bed after midnight. 

I have been exhausted and fighting allergies all day. 


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