Month: May 2015

Predictions and Hopes for Season 6 of Downton Abbey

Hey Everyone!

I am super excited for season 6 of Downton Abbey, which should hopefully be coming to the U.S. Early next year. I kind of wanted to do this before it airs in the UK, so that there will hopefully be no spoilers. 

What we know will happen or has happened:

•Carson and Mrs Hughes will get married

•Bates and Anna’s future is still up in the air with the whole death of Mr Green… 

•Edith has Marigold and her parents know Marigold is Edith’s daughter 

•Tom and Sybee leave for Boston

What I would like to see happen:

•Mary get married again to a man who will love George as his own, but has a title/place of his own so he won’t be competition with George for Downton

•Edith will find love again and get married to a man that doesn’t really care that Marigold isn’t his, and will adopt her as his child.

•Daisy will move to the Mason Farm, and take it over and successfully run it.

•Bates and Anna will live a comfortable life, they will take over in Carson and Mrs Hughes roles as head butler and maid and have a family of their own

•Mrs Patmore will still be head cook

•Thomas will be gone (I never liked him anyway)

•Baxter will still be maid to Lady Grantham 

•the other maid and butler will still be maid and butler

•Tony Gillingham is no more 


Finding my career one weekend at a time.

Hey Everyone!

I finally made another video for my knitting youtube channel, which I am pretty proud of, it is the first real video I have made for that channel in about a year.

Making youtube videos where I am actually talking, are hard for me, because I don’t like to talk in front of people, and while talking to a camera is a little easier, because you are just talking to a camera, and can edit it, but it is still hard for someone who is quiet and doesn’t like to be front and center.

The past few weekends I have had really busy amazing weekends going and doing stuff that I love, like yarn shopping, going to the coast, going for hikes, spending time with friends, being away from the big city.

Over the next few months, and years, as I go more places, I am really wanting to do more the with The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, and document them on my adventures. Sometimes I feel kind of silly for taking them with me places, but it is a fun way to document the places that I go and see. Beings that my Niece and Nephews are still young, I am also kind of doing it for them at the moment.

I still have not found the career path that best suits me yet, which I am working on striving to find while doing what I love in the evenings and on the weekends.

Into the Woods

Hey Everyone! 

Today was another busy adventurous day. Today one of my friends and I went to Sauvie Island then ended up at Cooper Mountain to actually hike. It was a really pretty and relaxing. 

I also did the vlog today, of the footage I took yesterday and Today. 

After I got home from my hike I did laundry, made dinner for this next week, made gluten free and dairy free chocolate chip cookies, and now I am catching up on vlogs and knitting while waiting on my video to upload. 

I am so exhausted. I am excited to sleep in tomorrow. 

I practically live at the beach

Hey Everyone!

I feel like I practically living at the coast with how often I have been going to the beach in the last 3 months. I love the Oregon Coast, I love how the entire coastline is public access here. We have former Tom McCall to thank for that. For someone like me who has only known Beaches to be public access, going somewhere where there is private beaches would weird me out. All the beaches I have been to in other states (Florida, New York and Hawaii) have been public access. I don’t know if it was just the beaches I went to were public access or what. There are plenty state parks, waysides, and other public parking and walkways that provide public access to the beach. 

I figured today would be a good day to go to the beach, as the Memorial Day Weekend started this evening after people got off work and kids got out of school. My friend and I left town this morning, after rush hour had ended. We avoided most of the traffic, and made good time to the beach. 

We stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory after we had some lunch, where I picked up Pumpkin Butter for myself, as well as cheese for my parents since they can eat it.  

 I love going down on the beach and getting my feet wet in the ocean. We went down on the beach in Rockaway Beach, and went for a bit of a walk before heading up to Cannon Beach. I wanted to find the yarn store in Cannon Beach, called Coastal Yarns. Considering the size of the town I was impressed with the size of the store and the selection they had, test wasn’t surprised at all because the town gets a fair amount of tourists, like myself.  

After we had gone to Mo’s for dinner, we went down on the beach there as well before we came back to the city. It was hard to leave the beach. It is always hard to leave the beach and return to City Living. 

Once we were back in the city, we went grocery shopping and I dropped her off where she is House Sitting, before coming back to where I am currently living. 

I did some vlogging while I was out today, and will do some more tomorrow, and then work on editing and then uploading the vlog. 

I love weekends where I have plans and adventures to go on. I work so I can have weekends like I have been having of late where I spend time with friends and go places that I love, and actually enjoy my life. 

Amazingly Busy Weekend

Hey Everyone!

It is hard to believe that the weekend is over and I am back at work. 

My weekend started Thursday evening after I had gotten off of work, and I went downtown and got dinner with a friend and then had gone to go see Phantom of the Opera, which was absolutely amazing. 

Friday I went for a hike with a friend, on Mt Tabor, and then had gone Yarn Shopping at Joann’s and Happy Knits before going grocery shopping. I also made gluten free and dairy free banana coconut muffins that evening. 

Saturday I ended up going and checking on something for my mom, which was in the neighborhood of where I had previously worked, where my favorite bakery is located. I went to the yarn store across the street, called close knit, and then went and got treats for my mom and I, and ran over to Vancouver and picked up some Dutch Bros and took her coffee and treats. 

I had been thinking about going to Chehalis on a Sunday morning for over a year now, so yesterday I finally did it. After the church in Tacoma Closed the people I actually knew and cared about started going to Chehalis, so that had a lot to do with why I went.  By the end of lunch I had made up my mind that I was going to make it to Dallas for the evening church service. So yeah, yesterday I spent about 6 hours on the road, it was pretty awesome. 

This past weekend was super busy but in a good, I am doing what I am good at and am passionate about, way. 

… And Its only Friday

Hey Everyone!

I feel like I have done more in the last 48 hours than I do in most weeks. I went to work for 8 hours, then I got off, got ready to go, drove downtown, met up with one of my friends where we then had dinner, walked around for a bit and then went to go see the Phantom of the Opera at the Keller Auditorium.

Seeing the Phantom of the Opera (while not on Broadway in NYC), was absolutely amazing. Between the Costumes, the sets, the performances, it was fantastic. I am so glad that I got to go. It is hard to explain how good it was, It is one of those shows that has to be experienced, and seen in person. From the opening notes to the final curtain I was into the show. There is something about seeing a musical on stage vs seeing the movie/dvd of a performance/watching some of it on YouTube. The Emotion that the actors and actresses put into their stage performances can totally be felt by those watching.

This morning I got up, got out, ran a couple errands and went for a hike with one of my friends, and her dogs. The hike in and of itself was only about 2.8 miles, and it was amazing. I can totally tell that I am slowly starting to get into shape. It is a slow but steady process. I love hiking and being outdoors. It is one of the biggest stress relievers for me.

After I went on the hike with my friend, I went shopping. I went to Joann Fabric and Craft, and used 7 coupons that I had. I bought some yarn for myself, as well as some yarn for world vision Knit for Kids Sweaters. I was super stocked to be getting such good deals on yarn that I will use.

I also stopped at Happy Knits, which is a local yarn store (I couldn’t stop at just one yarn store) where I purchased some Alpaca/Merino Wool. Now I just have to figure out what pattern I am going to use while knitting it up. Fortunately I still have two projects that I currently am working on so I have some time to figure out what I am going to do.

After the fun yarn shopping I did some grocery shopping. I went to both New Seasons and Safeway for my grocery shopping.

After I finally got home, and got my groceries put away I made Banana Coconut Muffins.

As you can see I have been pretty busy for the last 48 hours, and the pst 27 hours have been really enjoyable and amazing.

There is no denying who you really are

Hey All!

Today has been interesting. I watched all of the episodes of Cabin Fever on Hulu. I was expecting a reality show on people living in a cabin in the woods and what happens when they are stuck out there for a long period of time. It turned out to be a show about a guy and his company who build these amazing custom order log cabins. It was awesome.

It really got me thinking about how I would love to live in a cabin a few miles outside of town. I grew up in the city, and I have never been one of those girls who went to the mall every Saturday to hang out with friends. I’m always like, “let’s go Hiking” or “let’s go to the Beach”. I love the idea of waking up and looking out the window, and not seeing houses and city streets. 

It also got me thinking about knitting projects I want to make for myself. It was rather random. It was the fact that they were working outside in the rain and snow that got me thinking about it. 

I went for a walk after work, when I left it was just lightly misting, by half way through my walk it was raining pretty good. It felt like October. I got soaking wet. I came home, put dry clothes on had some soup for dinner and am drinking some tea. 

If you gave me the choice of going hiking or going to the mall, I’d choose the hike any day. 

Tying up loose ends

Hey Everyone!

Today has been productive, this is my 4th blog post of the day. I wrote a blog post on my adventures blog about my weekend adventures, then I wrote 2 posts on hikes I want to take. One is for the next year, the other is for the next two and a half years. 

I slept in this morning and slept deeply through the night. I was exhausted. 

I edited my vlog, I am waiting for it to upload on YouTube. 

Today has been all about getting loose ends tied up after my weekend of babysitting and going to the beach. While I did have my phone and access to the Internet, being able to just sit down and work on blog posts, editing the vlog, finishing up a knitting project,  updating my MyFitnessPal entries, putting my sleeping bag away, and so on and so forth, has been putting things back to normal before I work again to normal. 

Amazing weekend

Hey Everyone!

It is hard to believe that it was just yesterday morning that I was going to the grocery store before heading out of town to babysit my niece and nephew while their parents went to a gospel concert. 

The hardest part was getting my niece down for the night. She was having a hard time, and needed auntie to rock her. Not that auntie minded at all. 

This morning after I left my friends house this morning I went to the beach. I had an amazing day in the fresh air that actually made my allergies go away. 

Upon returning “home” I did laundry, made soup, and relaxed a bit. 

Busy Saturday!

Hey Everyone!

Today is one of those days where you stand back and are like “wow, a lot of good things happened today”. It started with the birth of the royal princess. You could say I am one of those “crazy Americans” who actually keeps up (to some level) with the goings on in the UK. There was a time in my life where I was intent upon moving to Scotland, but the realization that the only way that would happen is to marry a British Citizen. With that, I still really want to visit the UK, Scotland in particular. 

Someone I know got married and a friend of mine got engaged.

I was also busy today, I went out and picked up a birthday card for my dad, and went and got the yarn for my yarn giveaway on my knitting Facebook page. I also had made a run to my favorite bakery (it didn’t seem so far away when I worked a few blocks away), and stopped at Whole Foods on my way home. I love shopping at whole foods and new seasons when I can. They have an amazing dairy free and gluten free selections. 

After I got back to the house, I cooked my dinners for this week. I made Italian herb chicken and pineapple quinoa. 

I have also spent quite a bit of time working on my current knit for kids sweater, and got sleeves cast on the front of my sweater. I am loving how my sweater is turning out. I absolutely love knitting projects for kids in need, it is so ingrained in who I am that I can’t imagine my life without it. 

The past couple weeks have been incredibly busy with working overtime at work and then getting other stuff done in my free time, I don’t have a lot of down time to decompress. I just keep telling myself that there is a reason to why I am doing what I am doing, in that doing so I am able to do things that I want to do like having been able to go to the beach more often, ad do the yarn give away on my knitting Facebook page, and so I can continue to work to achieving my goals. One of which is having the means to go and stuff so that I have something to write about. Blogging is a large part of my goals and my life. 

Today was a really good day!