Hey All!

Today has been interesting. I watched all of the episodes of Cabin Fever on Hulu. I was expecting a reality show on people living in a cabin in the woods and what happens when they are stuck out there for a long period of time. It turned out to be a show about a guy and his company who build these amazing custom order log cabins. It was awesome.

It really got me thinking about how I would love to live in a cabin a few miles outside of town. I grew up in the city, and I have never been one of those girls who went to the mall every Saturday to hang out with friends. I’m always like, “let’s go Hiking” or “let’s go to the Beach”. I love the idea of waking up and looking out the window, and not seeing houses and city streets. 

It also got me thinking about knitting projects I want to make for myself. It was rather random. It was the fact that they were working outside in the rain and snow that got me thinking about it. 

I went for a walk after work, when I left it was just lightly misting, by half way through my walk it was raining pretty good. It felt like October. I got soaking wet. I came home, put dry clothes on had some soup for dinner and am drinking some tea. 

If you gave me the choice of going hiking or going to the mall, I’d choose the hike any day.