Amazingly Busy Weekend

Hey Everyone!

It is hard to believe that the weekend is over and I am back at work. 

My weekend started Thursday evening after I had gotten off of work, and I went downtown and got dinner with a friend and then had gone to go see Phantom of the Opera, which was absolutely amazing. 

Friday I went for a hike with a friend, on Mt Tabor, and then had gone Yarn Shopping at Joann’s and Happy Knits before going grocery shopping. I also made gluten free and dairy free banana coconut muffins that evening. 

Saturday I ended up going and checking on something for my mom, which was in the neighborhood of where I had previously worked, where my favorite bakery is located. I went to the yarn store across the street, called close knit, and then went and got treats for my mom and I, and ran over to Vancouver and picked up some Dutch Bros and took her coffee and treats. 

I had been thinking about going to Chehalis on a Sunday morning for over a year now, so yesterday I finally did it. After the church in Tacoma Closed the people I actually knew and cared about started going to Chehalis, so that had a lot to do with why I went.  By the end of lunch I had made up my mind that I was going to make it to Dallas for the evening church service. So yeah, yesterday I spent about 6 hours on the road, it was pretty awesome. 

This past weekend was super busy but in a good, I am doing what I am good at and am passionate about, way. 


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