I practically live at the beach

Hey Everyone!

I feel like I practically living at the coast with how often I have been going to the beach in the last 3 months. I love the Oregon Coast, I love how the entire coastline is public access here. We have former Tom McCall to thank for that. For someone like me who has only known Beaches to be public access, going somewhere where there is private beaches would weird me out. All the beaches I have been to in other states (Florida, New York and Hawaii) have been public access. I don’t know if it was just the beaches I went to were public access or what. There are plenty state parks, waysides, and other public parking and walkways that provide public access to the beach. 

I figured today would be a good day to go to the beach, as the Memorial Day Weekend started this evening after people got off work and kids got out of school. My friend and I left town this morning, after rush hour had ended. We avoided most of the traffic, and made good time to the beach. 

We stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory after we had some lunch, where I picked up Pumpkin Butter for myself, as well as cheese for my parents since they can eat it.  

 I love going down on the beach and getting my feet wet in the ocean. We went down on the beach in Rockaway Beach, and went for a bit of a walk before heading up to Cannon Beach. I wanted to find the yarn store in Cannon Beach, called Coastal Yarns. Considering the size of the town I was impressed with the size of the store and the selection they had, test wasn’t surprised at all because the town gets a fair amount of tourists, like myself.  

After we had gone to Mo’s for dinner, we went down on the beach there as well before we came back to the city. It was hard to leave the beach. It is always hard to leave the beach and return to City Living. 

Once we were back in the city, we went grocery shopping and I dropped her off where she is House Sitting, before coming back to where I am currently living. 

I did some vlogging while I was out today, and will do some more tomorrow, and then work on editing and then uploading the vlog. 

I love weekends where I have plans and adventures to go on. I work so I can have weekends like I have been having of late where I spend time with friends and go places that I love, and actually enjoy my life. 


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