Predictions and Hopes for Season 6 of Downton Abbey

Hey Everyone!

I am super excited for season 6 of Downton Abbey, which should hopefully be coming to the U.S. Early next year. I kind of wanted to do this before it airs in the UK, so that there will hopefully be no spoilers. 

What we know will happen or has happened:

•Carson and Mrs Hughes will get married

•Bates and Anna’s future is still up in the air with the whole death of Mr Green… 

•Edith has Marigold and her parents know Marigold is Edith’s daughter 

•Tom and Sybee leave for Boston

What I would like to see happen:

•Mary get married again to a man who will love George as his own, but has a title/place of his own so he won’t be competition with George for Downton

•Edith will find love again and get married to a man that doesn’t really care that Marigold isn’t his, and will adopt her as his child.

•Daisy will move to the Mason Farm, and take it over and successfully run it.

•Bates and Anna will live a comfortable life, they will take over in Carson and Mrs Hughes roles as head butler and maid and have a family of their own

•Mrs Patmore will still be head cook

•Thomas will be gone (I never liked him anyway)

•Baxter will still be maid to Lady Grantham 

•the other maid and butler will still be maid and butler

•Tony Gillingham is no more 


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