What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Hey Everyone!

Upon watching Ellie and Jared’s one year of daily vlogging video, Jared had used that quote at the beginning, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

If I weren’t afraid of not being able to support myself, I would move to SE Alaska in a heartbeat, where I would continue blogging, and would be writing about how living in Alaska was new and different, and what I was learning about the culture, and working to fit in where I was living.

Scotland was the original dream, though through research, the easiest and most logical way to legally move there would be to marry a man who has British Nationality. It could happen, but it is not likely.

I am fully aware that moving anywhere is a difficult transition, but with the right attitude it can totally be done.

I would love to work at a retreat center that is built in a manner that is traditional to where it is located, and is cohesive with the land around it. Living in Alaska is a beautifully rugged state that isn’t for the faint of heart. The landscape is awe inspiring, and making that a large part of the retreat center and keeping with the history of the area is hugely important to me. Living in a cool, coastal climate where it rarely (if ever) gets above 75 degrees is also something that is appealing to me. I don’t like the heat, I love knitting warm accessories for myself, and would love more opportunities to use them. They are no good to me sitting in plastic tubs, I would much prefer to make use of them on a regular basis.

I am also one of these people who would make it work. If and when I move up there, moving back down south isn’t an option. Alaska, like many other things in my life, I would prove people and statistics wrong about. I have seen reports that most people that move to Alaska don’t last more than 5 years, while there are some who actually do. I intend to be one of those who actually lives there for the rest of my life, given the opportunity to move there in the first place.

Due to the fact that moving to Alaska in in my 5 year plan, I am trying to as much stuff down here in the lower forty eight that I have on my bucket list that I can, so that I will be taking advantage of as many opportunities as I can.

Over the last few years, while big city life has had a few advantages, the frustrations and disadvantages have been ever present and on the rise since I graduated from college 5 years ago. While there are still areas of small town life that amaze me, they remind me that living in the big city, for me is more than overrated.

My first choice of places to live, in Alaska is Ketchikan, and that is the goal that I am working toward, My plan B, is Juneau. I prefer the smaller town, in the middle of nowhere, way of life, but at the same time I do understand that i have food intolerances (and while making trips to Juneau to do stock up trips on certain items is totally doable), living in Juneau might be a bit less of a struggle, in terms of food availability. I know if all else fails that ordering online is also an option (which I would be doing anyway for my gluten free stuff from Bob’s Red Mill).

I would love to pack up, and taking my blog, my knitting, and my love for the great outdoors to Alaska, I am looking for, waiting on, and praying about the financial means to take me there and support myself on.


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