It’s been half a decade

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a good week. I have had a decent enough week. 5 years ago today I graduated with my bachelors degree, which seems crazy to me, yet I can believe it all the same. I have done and seen so much since I graduated, yet it seems like just a couple months ago that I was attending classes and such.

Beings that I have been reflecting a lot this week on college, I thought I would share a few memories of my college experience that stand out.  one of my favorite memories from having been in college, was actually my first term there, and I had been in choir. (it was fall term, and the term ended in early December) That term we rehearsed and performed most of Handel’s Messiah. It was incredible. That same school year I was also had the opportunity to go to Hawaii, to see my brother while he was stationed there. It was there, and having spent most of the first full day I was there in Pearl Harbor and on Ford Island. I had gone through the museum they have there while waiting to go out to the Arizona Memorial. Being out there in the harbor looking down at the wreckage of the Arizona. I had also had the opportunity to tour the U.S.S. Missouri, which was also an incredible experience. It was really that trip where I became passionate about History. in my K-12 education I had found history rather boring and all about names, battles and dates. Being there in the place that had launched the U.S. into the Second World War made me realize that it was so much more than just names, battles and dates, that history was about people’s lives. People who were no different than you or I, just going about their lives, pursuing their dreams, trying to make a better lives for themselves and their families. Though it would be another 10 months or so until I would change my major and study something I was actually interested in, but I did change my major to Social Science, and minored in literature, and that was a decision I don’t regret making.

Today, to kind of celebrate being out of college for 5 years, I went up to the International Test Rose Garden in Washington Park. It was a perfect day for it, it was in the mid 70’s, and sunny. I had been wanting to go back up to the rose garden, and see all the roses, and June is the perfect time of year, as this is the time of year that they are at their height of bloom.


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