Is the risk worth it?

Hey Everyone!

Where to begin about today. I am going to preface the day’s events with the fact that the person I will be talking about, I had had choir with several terms in college, and he knows one of my cousins (and inquired about this person from her),  we are both adults (2 years apart), it was a public place, and I would not meet up with a complete stranger like I did today, so I had a pretty good sense of whether or not I should go. I may be a bit to cautious, but in this day and age, women do need to use some common sense, before they meet up with a man they meet online. 

I also trusted my gut, because my gut never lies to me, if something inside of me senses unreasonable danger I have learned from experience to trust it, and I was comfortable and confident with the situation I was walking into. 

Today was amazing, but it could have been completely different if I had not done some Intel gathering, or had had classes with him in college and if my cousin had warned against getting to know him or my gut had been like “whoa, bad idea.” 

At this point he and I are just friends and that is all I want to leave it as, we have several interests in common and had many of the same professors in college. I won’t be talking about him much more if any, I just wanted to share this experience with other women and girls. While my experience had a good outcome, it could have gone the complete opposite, and I am fully aware of that. 


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