Found my passion

Hey Everybody!

I finally decided to write a short life update post, since that has been a lot going on the past few months that I haven’t necessarily talked about in the blog. 

I had to part ways with a “friend” a few months ago, just because I was tired of everything being about her. After I had decided to part ways with her, my life really started changing for the better. 

I finally felt and feel free to pursue what I am passionate about, and keeping the friends who understand me, encourage me, and help build me up and want to see me become a better person. 

As the weather has been nicer I have been going to the coast fairly often, about every other weekend since the end of February, which has been amazing in and of itself. 

The people I have gotten to met, and gotten to know a little bit has been amazing. 

I have really noticed that with my weekend adventures my life has become so much more enjoyable and I alway look forward to my weekends and being able to go and do what I love and am passionate about and sharing it. 


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