Hey Everyone!

I spent Saturday and Sunday relaxing and trying to rest up as well as getting some knitting done. 

I am glad I had gone to the beach and gotten my grocery shopping done on Friday. 

I had taken the “normal” way to get to where I was going, and saw that traffic was already bad going the other direction, and would only be getting worse as the day wore on, especially with the air show starting later that day. I also got stuck in road construction traffic on highway 6, due to repaving the road. So I had decided to take another longer route which would have taken the same amount of time. On the way back I stopped and saw a good friend of mine and her kids, before the rest of the trip. Come to find out this morning that there was a fatal accident on the route I had taken to the coast that afternoon (during the period I would have been driving back). I believe that God was protecting me.