I call it a Success

Hey Everyone!

Today I ran numerous errands which includes running to the bank, stopping at Fred Meyer, going to Joann Fabric and Craft, IKEA and the grocery store. 

I had gone to the Joann’s to get some yarn for a project that I am starting soon. 

I had gone to IKEA for something to do, and to start looking for items for when I am able to afford to move out, so I can make where I move out to my own home. I found something that I had been eyeing else where for year that was a lot more expensive where I had seen similar. I had seen the long rectangular plates for putting candles on that I had normally seen at places such as Bed Bath and Beyond for at least $10 than what I spent in. It at IKEA. IKEA is addictive for people like me who enjoy making their space feel like home, and since I graduated from college I have been working to pick up a little bit here and there for when I am able to afford my own place again to decorate it to my taste and make it my home. Part of what made my second apartment in college the best home I have made for myself so far, is that I decorated my apartment and made it feel homey and cozy. I had also picked up a couple cute little white lanterns. I like the rustic candle lit stuff. So yeah, I got them to add to my stash for decorating. I love decorating on a budget. 

I had stopped at my favorite bakery and then ran over and got coffee and took coffee and a treat to my mom while she was at work. 

I went grocery shopping before coming back to the house. 


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