The Stores are Thinking that Fall is Coming…

Hey Everyone!

While Oregon continues to be hot, and Portland is working on breaking the record of most 90+ degrees days in a year (which we are getting really close to breaking), The stores are gearing up for fall and back to school. Joann Fabric and Craft has their fall decoration in stock. I got the idea to go look after I was showing my mom what I had gotten at IKEA yesterday, so I was looking for fake fall leaves to use with my rectangular dish for interspersing with the Candles (that I won’t be burning, they are for decoration only).

For the first time in my lifetime, if not ever, Portland Public Schools are doing two things:
1) Starting before Labor Day
2) Starting in August

Both of these things have happened in my lifetime, we always started the week of labor day, IE Labor Day is on a Monday and then school would start typically the Wednesday or Thursday of that week.

There are school supplies in the stores, and that school is starting this month for the kids.


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