Life Changes

Hey Everyone!

The next few months I will hopefully be experiencing some big life changes that would be for the better. 

The changes that are coming up excite me and scare me at the same time, as it is a turning point in my life. It is what I have been working toward for years, and I keep telling myself that there is nothing to be afraid up, and that it will work out. This is what I have been wanting for the past 6 years. I am adult and it is time I stretched my wings and see where God will take me when I am completely dependent on him for everything. 

Getting myself out of my comfort zone challenges me to be a better person. Growing up hasn’t been easy, but I know that everything in life that is worth having is worth working hard for. 

The one thing I am scared of is ending back up in the place that I left, as it has already happened to me two times, so I am hoping the third time is the time that I succeed. I know I have a support network this time that will be there for me, and they want to see me succeed. 


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