A case of the Monday’s. 

Hey Everyone!

Monday is coming to an end, which I am glad for, today was not particularly rough, it could have been way worse. It was just one of those days where I am glad I currently work from home, so it didn’t matter that I woke up late and went to work in my comfy “I am glad no one can see me right now” clothes. I have also been weighing my options on a big decision I am in the middle of making. Part of me is saying to just do it, and see where it goes where as the other part of me wants to push it out a bit and be more financially secure before taking the plunge. 

I also spent some time working on one of my knitting projects, which is turning out really cute. It is a chunky scarf that will be perfect for winter if we actually get one this year or if I ever move somewhere cold. 

During the month of August I am going to be (attempting to anyway) blogging every day. 


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