Hey Everyone!

The past couple of weekends I have spent most of them doing what I love, yarn shopping, picking out decorations for my place, cooking, baking and knitting. 

I enjoy cooking and baking. When I had my own apartment to some degree I even enjoyed cleaning it. 

I am doing what I am doing now job wise and living situation wise because it is what I am having to do to get the bills paid. It is not what I am wanting to do career wise. 

So with that being said until the Lord shows me the next step job and living situation wise I will do the job I have to the best of my ability and do what I love to do in the evenings and on the weekends. 

This week I watched a series on Hulu called “Klondike: Quest For Gold” which was a reality documentary series where five people lived like there were part of the Klondike gold rush to experience what it would have been like. About a month or two a go I had seen “Pioneer Quest: a year in the real west” where two couples lived for a year like it was the 1860’s on the frontier. I found both of these shows interesting because it took modern people and made them live as authentically as possible to whatever the quest was. Being a Historian myself I found them interesting because it brought this history to life. Both the gold rush and frontier life fall in to the area and era of history that I am most fascinated with. While all of Pioneer Quest and Moat of Klondike take place in Canada they parallel or include American History. The gold rushes in Alaska and The Yukon involved Americans. 

Learning how normal people lived in different eras of history, is what fascinates me the most. The everyday life, how it is similar and different from now, and how their lives shaped history even when they were one of many. Laura Ingalls Wilder, while growing up and into adulthood probably thought her life was normal and uninteresting, and yet she wrote the series of books beloved by many today. 

Yesterday, beings that I have Friday’s off, I ran errands. I went to Joann’s, where I bought some fall candles and fall candle rings and I also picked up some yarn. I also stopped at Bob’s Red Mill because I needed more flours to mix up my bread flour mix. I stopped at Trader Joe’s, and lastly Safeway before coming back to the house. 

Last night I baked some cranberry orange with almond muffins and some cranberry almond oatmeal cookies. 

Today I spent the day knitting and cooking chicken and vegetable soup. 

Yesterday and today have been awesome. While I have been only doing “normal” stuff, I enjoy it. Figuring out what to cook for dinner can sometimes be a headache but once I get that figured out I enjoy grocery shopping for what I am going to cook and bake for the upcoming week. I also enjoy cooking and baking. Both of these skills have become infinitely more valuable since I developed food intolerances. 

While I am not the biggest fan of living in the big city (I prefer small town life of the two), being near the big city that has grocery store options does make my life easier, and on occasion being in the city is fun. I grew up in, and currently live in the city, while living in a small town while in college, and by the last couple years I was doing good if I left the county once a term. I loved small town life, and I hope that one day I can get back to that kind of lifestyle. 


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