Seattle Trip

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to write this quick update post before I call it a night.

I am in fact in the Seattle area tonight, so I can attend VloggerFair tomorrow. I drove up today so I wouldn’t have to be up super early tomorrow and have to leave Portland by 6:00 am kind of thing.

I had talked to one of my friends like a couple weeks ago since I wasn’t sure if she had moved back up here or not yet. She hadn’t but was coming up for the weekend, so she and her sister rode up with me.

On our way up we had stopped in Chehalis for a pit stop to use the restroom and get some coffee. Today I needed coffee even though I rarely drink it any more.

On our way out of the store I had commented on the fact that we hadn’t seen anyone we knew. Chehalis is a small town so there was the chance. As we were getting into the car, my friend was like “Erica, is that?” I then turned to see what she was looking at, and I was like “yeah, (name omitted for privacy)” as I ran over to say hi. Any other person I would have been more composed, but I have known this person my whole life and he is a second dad to me. He knows most of my deep dark secrets and just rolled with it when I told him.

We stopped by and saw where my grandparents used to live when they lived up in this area.

 Once we got my friends sister dropped off, we went by and saw where my dad went to high school and the church that was my Grandfather’s last pastorate and where they stayed once he retired from pastoring.  I then checked into my hotel, we got dinner, hung out at the mall for a bit and saw a movie before I took her back to her parents house and I came back to my hotel room.

That has been my day and now I am signing off for the night.


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