Vlogger Fair 

Hey Everyone!

Today was VloggerFair, which I went to in the Morning. I went to bed around midnight and really didn’t sleep that well because I was in a hotel, in a strange bed and yeah, not much sleep happened. So at about 6:00 this morning I just got up, showered, started packing, went down to breakfast where I just got some sausages, an apple and an orange. I went back to my room, brushed my teeth and finished packing up my stuff before checking out and going to VloggerFair. 

I drove up to Seattle, hunted down a gluten free, vegan bakery to get some muffins and I tried to find a Starbucks which was a fail. How is that possible that I was in downtown Seattle and could not find a Starbucks for the life of me.  

 While I was trying to find the bakery I found the Fremont Troll on accident. How that happened I cannot tell you. 

I finally got back to the area I needed to be in, parked and had the hardest time finding where I was supposed to go and was pretty much walking in circles. I eventually found it, which was good for me. I did get several pictures of the space needle. As you can see in the picture below the sky is all smoky from all the wild fires burning here in the Pacific Northwest.

 I finally made it to the convention center and waited around for it to start. I managed to get a picture with Ellie and Jared when they got there, then waited for the meet and greet to get pictures with Bryan and Missy from Daily Bumps, as well as Cullen and Katie whose channel is just their names. I also got to see Cullen and Katie’s daughter Macey Gaines. By the time I got to Bryan and Missy, Ollie was beyond melted down so Missy’s sister Cassy was walking him around in the stroller. I have no idea who had Jackson (Ellie and Jared’s 2 year old son) for all I know he is still in Utah either with Ellie’s parents or her sister Bonnie. I also got to hang out for a bit with James and Ashley (and their daughter Baby Chick) after James finished his Panal.  

It was awesome to meet most of my favorite vloggers. 

After I left VloggerFair I had attempted to go down to Pikes Place market to go to the original Starbucks to get the Pikes Place mug as well as another Starbucks to get a Seattle mug, but traffic was horrible, there was no parking and it was like I was back in New York with different scenery so I just left. 

I stopped and got food then some Starbucks in a different town before driving back to Portland. 

I know Portland is wierd, but Seattle is weirder. Portland is really more weird than I care to deal with. 

This weekend was fun, and the first on my own big city that isn’t the city I was raised in adventure I have had. I was amazed at how well I really did in just taking it on like it is normal, which is huge for me. Having gone to New York to be a nanny 4 years ago did me good. 


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