Weekend Reflection

Hey Everyone!

Now that I am home, have unpacked, had a good night sleep, and some normal food I wanted to look back at this weekend and reflect on it a bit.

I did have fun this weekend. I am really glad that I went. This was my first Vlogger / YouTube convention, and I have a feeling it will be my last. Beings that the SacconeJoly’s were the only ones of my favorite vloggers not at this convention, I am good. I realized that while I enjoy watching vlogs, I don’t enjoy making them. I much prefer blogging (obviously….).

Navigating a city I am not familiar with, while getting myself where I need to go on time was a huge deal. When I went off to college 9 years, the idea of learning my way around a small town scared me, and yet this past Friday I took off for Seattle without batting an eyelash.

Whenever I am in Tacoma, I like going by my Dad’s old high school, not just because it is where my dad went to high school, but because its architecture is amazing and it sits overlooking Commencement Bay, which is part of the Puget Sound. I have been by where my mom went to high school here in Portland. it pales in comparison. My Mom’s high school opened in 1960, is of a modern architecture and has no impressive views from any vantage point.

While I am partial to Portland (even though I don’t like living here), though I do enjoy visiting the Tacoma and Seattle area, and seeing Mt. Rainier and the Puget Sound. It is an amazing change of scenery from where I live.

As much as I don’t care for living here, due to politics, the economy, taxes and such, you can’t beat the scenery. While I was in Washington I paid sales tax, which really isn’t a big deal, Oregonians just make a big deal out of it because we don’t have a state sales tax, but have state income tax.

It has been hazy all day, to the point it looks overcast from all the smoke that has settled over the valley from the wildfires.

This trip was definitely something  I needed to do for myself, and to prove to myself that all the work I have put in over the last 9 years hasn’t been a waste. Going away on my own, and going to a big city that I am not familiar with on my own and not having anything bad happen to me just reminded me that moving away, when I can find a better job is something I am capable of. I am up for the challenge and stuff like this weekend doesn’t have to scare me, and I won’t let the fact that something scares me stop me from doing it, if I know that what I am doing is the right thing for me. I am a strong, independent young woman. Going to New York on my own to be a Nanny is proof of that. Keeping safety in mind, there is a lot I want and will go do.


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