Fall is upon us! 

Hey Everyone! 

It’s Wednesday! Fall is coming. The kids here in the Portland Public Schools start tomorrow which is crazy, we always started after Labor Day, which basically all the other School districts that are in the metro area within the state of Oregon are starting after Labor Day, like normal. 

I would have liked to have stayed in Seattle a few days longer but real life called and I had to come back. I had fun spending the morning at VloggerFair, but I am glad I missed the drama that went down that afternoon. 

I am trying to spend less time sitting at my computer after work. I spend all day on the computer, and I am trying to reduce my dependence on technology for entertainment when I would be better off reading a book (and it’s not like I don’t have the entire Outlander series waiting to be read). I am trying to spend more time in the evenings and on my days off reading books. 


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