I made it to the Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

Today was my week day off since I work 4 tens at my current job. Today I ran errands. I had to go to the bank, Best Buy, Bob’s Red Mill, The auto parts store and the grocery store, before the day was over I had also gone to New Seasons. 

I stopped at best buy to get a better photo me case for my iPhone, as I had dropped my phone (which was in its old case) on concrete over the weekend, and I realized that the case I had would not hold up to my clumsy moments, and I needed something more rugged. So I got an otter box. 

I stopped at bob’s red mill for the sole purpose of getting muffin mix, yes, I will go to the store for one item if I really want that one me item. One of the few advantages of city life I guess. 

I had gone to the auto parts store to pick up new windshield wiper blades. Rain is in the forecast this upcoming week, and with the other new I had being old (as in I can’t remember having to replace them since I have had the car, which has been 7 years), and falling apart (literally), so I bought new ones. After I had gotten back to the house I replaced them myself. It seriously was not that hard. I am one of those girls who figures I might as well know how to do it, so when I am in situations where I have to do it, I won’t be completely useless. 

After the auto parts store I had quickly stopped at Bimart to pick up a couple items, before going to Safeway to go grocery shopping. I managed to get everything on my list and then some. 

I came back to the house, replaced my windshield wipers, then baked muffins, and made homemade chicken & pineapple curry. It turned out amazing. It was so good. 

After dinner I made a quick trip to New Seasons, for one item which turned into 8. My mom wanted more of the coconut milk coffee flavored “ice cream” bars, so I went and got two boxes, and 6 coconut milk yogurts. I am definitely grateful to have several New Seasons and Whole Foods around, but the scene that regularly shops there is definitely not my scene. In the 3.5 years I have been dairy free, my mom has slowly come around to the fact that dairy free doesn’t have to taste disgusting, and it actually tastes good. She has found that she prefers the Almond Coconut milk I like, to regular milk. She also likes my dairy free pumpkin pie filling, and she loves the coffee flavored coconut milk “ice cream” bars. It took time, and consistency which was what I needed to get back to normal but being dairy free and minimal gluten is my reality and I now don’t mind it. 

I spent the evening working on knitting and waiting for my VloggerFair video to upload onto YouTube. 


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