Prioritizing More of my Time

Hey Everyone!

Today I feel like I finally hit a brick wall, that I saw coming for awhile. I have had enough of the famous YouTuber’s. I was watching one vlog in particular of YouTuber’s I have been watching for over 2 years. I have been watching them since they lived in Ireland and their daughter was about 9 months old. I liked them back then when they were famous enough that I found out about them but not famous enough that they were obnoxious. Their vlog for today pleas of their 3 years old daughter’s 3rd birthday party. Letely they have been wearing ob me a bit with how bossy, sassy and in control they are allowing their daughter to be. Seeing her 3rd birthday and party was the point in which I was like enough is enough. It isn’t so much out of jealousy, but rather a realization that I was wasting my time on rich people who seem to be pretentious and full of themselves, who have made their money off of YouTube. 

I still watch a handful of the smaller YouTuber’s who are living normal lives, and have normal jobs, where they have to get up and go to work, in addition to making YouTube videos. Though I decided to stop wasting my time supporting those who’s lifestyle’s I was supporting through watching their videos and who have let the fame of YouTube go to their heads. 

I had gone to Vloggerfair a few weeks back, and I am glad that I went. I went away from it knowing that I would likely not be going to anymore YouTube conferences. If the Chick’s Life were to do a local meet up I would totally go, but they are a small channel and they have “real” jobs in addition to doing YouTube. 


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