Home and Beach

Hey Everyone!

This weekend has been busy, Friday I ran errands and got stuff done here in the city. Yesterday I had gone “home” for the Sunday school picnic that was put on by the church I went to while in college. Afterward I had gone to the coast before coming back to the city. I had also gone to the coast in part to see if I could meet up with someone I know who lives there. I didn’t see him, but being at the beach was worth the trip. 

Today I had gone to church with my parents this morning, then drove back down to where I had attended church while I was in college, for the evening service. I got to see one of my good friends and her kids. The drive back to the city is always the hardest part after being after being in the towns I grew to love and call home. They were more of a home to me than the big city ever has been. 

This summer has been full of trips to the beach, and other awesome adventures. I have been blessed to have been able to do all I have done this summer. 


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