Needed a Day to just relax.

Hey Everyone!

I  just realized I haven’t blogged in the better part of a week. This past week has been a bit crazy. It has been an interesting week, that is for sure. There was one thing that was really stressing me out this week that did get resolved which is really good.

Friday I had gotten my errands done and out of the way, so that I could do whatever I wanted yesterday. I ended up going back to where I had gone to school. I needed to get out of the city for a while. I just needed to go, drive and clear my head. I had fallen in love with the central valley, and it is one of the best places I know of for clearing my head besides the coast.

I spent this afternoon working on my current knit for kids sweater, I am trying to get it done here in the next week or two. Once I get this sweater done I will have one more size 8 to knit up to have 14 of each size sweater knit up, and then from there I want to go to knitting sets (a set is five sweaters, one in each of the five sizes).

While I was working on this sweater, I was also going between listening to music and watching youtube videos which included Steam Engine (Train) videos. Steam Engines are awesome, and such a significant part of American History. They had a lot to with the shaping of the American West as we know it today.

I really needed a chill day today, and I got it.


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