Expanding on my Knowledge Base

Hey Everyone!

If you just smile and behave you can always get your way.
It’s a universal plan that’ll get you where you can in all societies.

This line from a country song, popped into my head today while I was on my way back from the office. It popped into my head, in large part because of what happened while I was at the office. It was actually a pleasant surprise today. I still have a job, and I still have my full hours and stuff. I am just being taken off a project to help with a different project that is going to be needing extra help here in the near future, which is good for me. What made it even better, is that the manager who is in charge of the project I am going to start helping with, is one I sat next to, and got along well with while I worked on prem, and have kept in touch with when I had to go in and pick up prints and stuff. So she had asked for me when it came up for which contractor to pull off the project I currently working on. I don’t mind doing my current job, and will totally work on which ever project they need my help with, it was just kind of nice to know that I was asked for by name. The point is, and why the quote came to mind, is that when I started my job a little over 10 months ago, I knew I would be one of the youngest, if not the youngest person in the office, and I wasn’t going in to this job to make a whole new group of friends or anything, I just wanted to get along with my coworkers. That paid off. I got along with most of the people who sat around me, and had gotten to know a few better than others, which is normal in that size of group, but this particular person and one of the others (who had worked with my mom, when she had worked in that building), I hit it off, and definitely was part of their group. There was some work in the beginning, and putting myself out there in the beginning (going and joining them for lunch room for lunch) paid off. I know I have made a good impression, but that at least with a few people I didn’t have to work that hard, I was just myself and it happened.

I will admit, I am not perfect, and my best friends can tell you that when I am around them, and we aren’t someplace where we have to be on our best behavior I can definitely act my age, and have some fun. At the same time I learned how being mature, responsible, polite, and “behaving”, gets you more in the long run than being irresponsible and goofing off when it is time to be serious and mature.

In this change of projects at work, I give the credit to God, I was not expecting this but from what little I gathered today, God had worked it out so that I was the one who got switched. I can only give God the credit for this, and I am thankful for all that he has done for me lately.


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