Girl’s Night

Hey Everyone!

It is hard to believe that Wednesday is winding down, and that today is the last day of September. Tomorrow is Little Red’s birthday, as well as the birthday of one of my friends. Little Red is turning 11, and I have known her since she was born. I can still remember getting to hold her when she was a week old. 

This week has been a bit crazy, with Monday finding out I was switching projects at work (which I am totally ok with). Then yesterday after work I had gone over to my former coworker’s place, because her partner is a hair dresser. 

Last night was a girls night and the only boy there was the coworker and her partners son. It was a party. I totally needed a night out (or in rather) and just be me. I have known these ladies for going on two years. I got my hair highlighted and trimmed which it desperately needed. 

I had needed the girls night. These days I don’t get a lot of time with my friends because we are working, and have different schedules and issues we are all dealing with, so when girls nights or going out for tea and clothes shopping I take advantage of it. These are the few times I “let loose” and act my age (if that). Most of the time I am too busy being responsible, mature, and  trying to make a good impression. 

If and when I ever get married, having girls nights or spending time with my friends, and having a break is something I still plan on and will be doing. While it gets harder with kids, without the time to just breathe and refocus is necessary. Without that, burn out is a reality and when you have nothing left to give, that is when things go seriously wrong. So, pretty much whoever I marry will need to be good with kids, willing to learn how to change a diaper, give baths, prepare simple meals, and put kids to bed for the occasion that I am not there, and to give me the occasional break. I don’t think it is too much to ask that he be a real dad when kids come along, and understand that I need some me time/girl time. 

 The after picture from getting my hair done last night. 
In my last post I had touched on the topic of making a good impression – “if you just smile and behave you can always get your way” – I have found this true at different times. Being helpful, willing to learn new stuff, dong your best to get along with your coworker’s and managers, going with the flow, etc helps get people to like you, want to work with with you and ultimately be a reference when it is time to move on. I am not saying to do anything that is morally wrong or illegal, but in the general scheme of things when what is being asked of you isn’t morally wrong or illegal, especially when starting out in the business world, you should do it. Getting along with my coworker’s is how I got this project switch, one of the managers who had the next cubicle over from me while I was working on prem, and had tried to stop by and say hi to when I had to go into the office once I was working off prem had asked that I be the contractor who got switched to her project. 

It is getting late and I got home late for a work night last night. Fortunately tomorrow is my Friday. 


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