Portland’s Greek Festival 

Hey All!

You guys are getting a bonus blog post, as I had written my other post before having gone to the Portland Greek Festival at the Greek Orthodox Church in NE Portland (it runs through tomorrow so if you are in the Portland Oregon area you should check it out).

We had gone and gotten food, and hung out for a bit, before we left (and while my brother was getting pasta salad) I had stepped inside the church to see what the inside of it looked like. I have been fascinated with church buildings for years and have always found it interesting to see what different churches look like. This particular church was completed in 1952, and was absolutely gorgeous. 

While I had not seen a church like it before, the sanctuary did kind of remind me of the last church my grandfather had pastored and where my grandparents had stayed after my grandpa had retired from pastoring, which had been constructed as, and used as a Jewish synagogue before the church I had attended purchased it and used it for the Tacoma Church. 

Interior of the church   
The exterior of the church: 

Like I mentioned above I am fascinated by church buildings and ther history. I also love seeing the insides of them. 

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