How things are

Hey All!

This week has been busy with learning the new project I am working on at work as well as life stuff. 

The new project at work I am now working on, I had heard about while I was working on prem earlier this year. Beings that things are still a little slow in what I am working on I got another job from what I had been working on to help fill the gap of time in between jobs for the new project. 

What I am doing is a lot if administration, records updating and organization, so really I am just in a way being an administrative assistant in the engineering department. 

It is still hard for me to believe that I have been at this job for as long as I have. Once I had gotten to the 6 month mark I had taken a deep breath was was like “I can do this”. Beings that the economy has been what I has been for the past 7 or so years, finding and keeping steady work, can be and is a nightmare for many. At least from my experience, where I am at, employers, especially in small businesses can but pick over how well a new employee is learning the job and fire them if they aren’t learning it fast enough according to the employer or not even give someone a chance when the skills they need can be learned on the job. 

Finding steady work after college when I didn’t have much of a resume was a nightmare, and I spent more than 4 years floating between jobs that didn’t last long. Until this job, the longest I had been at a job was 5.5 months. While I don’t see this job really turning into a career, it has been a good entry level job. It has been giving me some good business world experience, as well as a consistent pay check. I have been at it for almost 11 months, which I know isn’t all that long in the grand scheme of things. Though for my first real, steady job, I know that by the time the projects I have been working on are completed or I find a new job, I will have a year under my belt. Beings that I just got pulled off one project and put on another, and this close to the one year mark and the holidays, the idea of looking for something new has been put on the back burner for a few more months, as I would like to see at lest 18 months to 2 years, at this job, which depends on having enough work to keep me busy through next summer. 

As many of you know, I majored in Social Science, and within that I focused on American History, primarily Women’s History and the History of the American West. I also minored in literature. I fell in love with and became passionate about history while in college. I found Women’s History and the History or the American West the most interesting by in large, because it has had the most impact on my life as I know it. It helped me to understand how myself, and women like me, in part are who we are, and how we got to where we are today.  I consider myself to be independent, and one who thinks, feels and believes for herself. I am very opinionated, and I don’t take the whole “because I am the man” like for an answer. 

I had seen this recently and I identified with its message.   
As a woman, I realize that I will never have the physical strength of a man, my body is built differently. But that doesn’t make me any less of a human being, or any less intelligent, or any less capable of doing whatever I set my mind to doing. I am still single, and not necessarily by choice, so I have had to learn how to take care of myself and be able to do my own thing. Having seen one of my Grandmother’s become a single mom and having to finish raising two daughters on her own, it made me realize, even in a good marriage life happens, and a spouse can be taken out of the picture. I saw that my grandmother had to be strong and determined to make it work on her own, it wasn’t her choice for her husband to get sick and pass away. When I knew her, she was a strong, independent woman, who had to work, and it is from her where I see that I got a lot of the mindset I have, I saw her do it, so I knew I could. That being said, when and if I ever got married and had kids, I would like to be able to keep house and be at home at least while the kids were young. Having been to college, and having real world work experience is also a good thing, especially in this day and age, I may never get married, and I am not willing to settle for a bad match just to get married. 


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