Shopping is Normal

Hey Everyone!

It has been a busy couple of weeks here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I last posted about my trip up Mt. Saint Helens. This past weekend I went to the Coast, to go on one of the last Fall Splendor Excursion trains that the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad runs on the weekends in October.  The past couple months I have been updating my fall and winter wardrobe, as it still pretty much was made up of the clothes I wore in college. Beings that I am working, and the fact that I was due for a wardrobe overhaul I have done some clothes shopping. I have added several tops, a couple sweaters, a jacket and some new jeans to my closet. I also weeded out a lot of clothes that I don’t really wear anymore. It’s like it hit me that I am really in my late 20’s now, so I needed to start dressing like it, rather than continuing to look like I was a 20 year college student who couldn’t be bothered to put on more than jeans and a sweatshirt. 

While in general my style hasn’t changed since I was 20, the fact that I am actually trying a bit more to make it easier to look “put together” when I go out, with as little effort as possible. I still love the layered look, so I have made it easier by having a few staple pieces and having different over tops and a cute jacket to complete it. 

Part of why I love having Friday’s off, is so that I have a week day to play with, and actually have a just because I want to day to do my hair (and when I get more contacts) and makeup, and feel confident when I leave to go run errands. I spent so long not caring really about how I looked, and my self confidence had taken a hit. When I had started using makeup regularly and doing my hair (even if it was something simple) I felt better about myself and more confident. 

Today I had gone to the mall (for the millionth time it seems like in the past two months), which is becoming a common occurrence in my life lately, the city is taking hold again on me. I had gone to get more jeans and to look at boots, I got the jeans and ended up with a new pair of Vans, some Bath and Body Works hand soap and some hair stuff from Lush. I was also checking out different stores as some have started Christmas stuff, and I am looking for a cute Christmas Apron, but didn’t find anything I liked, so I am just going to have to keep looking as December gets closer. 

In the past few weeks is has definitely decided it wanted to be fall. When I went up to Mt. Saint Helens, it still felt kinda summery, but now it is chilly, grey and rainy. Beings that the weather was turning, I put my toms away to keep them as nice as possible until next spring, when it starts drying out. That is part of why I got another pair of vans, while I love my Doc Martens Boots, I don’t want to wear them all the time, so I wanted something that could hold up well in the rainy weather yet still be cuter than Nike athletic shoes (going back to the whole dressing my age thing). 



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