Hey Everyone!

The past few weeks have been crazy! I have neglected you guys lately, and I am sorry about that, I will try to be better about blogging more consistently. 

A couple weeks ago it was like a switch was flipped and fall came in, in full force. It looks, feels and smells like fall. This past weekend we got more than 2 inches of rain. It feels amazing. 

I have been enjoying my pumpkin roll scented Scentsy wax, I am totally enjoying this time of year. With all the rain we had over the weekend a lot of the leaves have fallen off the trees. 

Beings that I work 4 ten hour days, most of the time I feel like my life is boring. On the days I work, I get up at 6 am, shower, eat breakfast and then start work at 7:30 am, and then eat lunch at noon then end my work day at 6 pm. I eat dinner, then usually watch YouTube videos and knit or read a book until I go to bed between 10 and 10:30. This past weekend I had gone to the mall and picked up a few last fall/winter essentials and took advantage of the sale at the Bath and Body Works, all their fall hand soaps (like pumpkin cupcake) were half off, so I got 4 for the price of 2 at regular price. 

Beings that life has been crazy (like seriously, what happened to October? It just started), as well as the time change and stuff that is going on in life, Figuring out what’s next for me, and living my own life (being an active participant rather than a passive observer) I have been exhausted. Though I am hoping that since the weather has turned, life will slow down and I can try to get caught up on sleep. 

I am also trying to get more knitting projects done, since I have several sitting around, that need to be worked on. I keep telling myself that I need to limit myself to two works in Progress at one time, any more and two just sit for a long time. 


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