You Are Here Collection and Life 

Hey Everyone!

What a week! 

I had a post on Facebook for my friends to leave a memory of me or them and I. One of the young women i had grown up with had posted about the girl’s nights I would try to have every so often while I was attending university. Outside of my first term there I had had my own apartment so I could have friends over whenever I wanted, and just could do it. I loved it. One time I had fit at least 8 people in the tiny living room I my first apartment and it was packed. It is memories like that I don’t want to forget. Those girls nights are some of the many things I miss about my college/university experience. I miss having my own place to go home to when I had had enough of being at my parents house. I also miss the only rules being the ones I made. Studying, homework, writing papers and such were so much easier on my own.

While I don’t necessarily want to move back to where I lived while I attended University, I really miss having my own home. I may be one of those “weird” people who stopped considering their parents house home once they got their own place. Even now, i don’t consider my parents house home even though I have been back living here since I graduated from college. Growing up, and even more so now, their house was alway just my parents house, and never felt like home to me, a lot of it has to do with my personality, I am very independent and now know what it is like to take care of myself and living on my own/being an adult just clicked with who I am. 

Today I had picked up the Oregon Mug from Starbucks You are here Collection. Now I have to go get one more to trade my aunt for a Canada mug. While my main goal is to collect them myself and go to these places, when it comes to Canada and Vancouver BC, if my family were nice enough to bring them to me, I am ok with that as I have been to Canada and Vancouver multiple times. I am not saying that I won’t ever go back once I get the mugs, it’s just that beings that I have already been to these places I don’t feel like I am missing out if someone else picks up the mugs for me.   


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