Working with my Hands. 

Hey Everyone! 

For the past nine and a half years I have known nothing but being busy. It really started with college. At first, being that busy, was overwhelming, but then I got used to not having a life. I got used to getting up in the morning, spending the day going to classes, coming home and starting in on assignments. I would have dinner then be back to homework until 10:30 – 11:00 at night, on a good night. My assignments ranged from readings to math homework to science chapter questions, and Research Papers. I can’t forget about all the papers I wrote. During the school year I was constantly busy even on the weekends, and it was normal. 

After college I was at a loss for what to do, as jobs were hard to come by and I really had no direction, so I really got back into knitting and it became one of my passions. Being able to work with my hands and with yarn, making garments that were not only pretty, but functional and useful, I began realizing that I am a doer. I already knew I was a kinesthetic learner. That also has a lot to do with why I love history, especially the history of the early American West, as I could actually go and see the physical remnants of that era, as they still exist or have been restored and preserved. 

I grew my knowledge of knitting by trying new patterns and techniques, and would mess up then try again. I kept at it until I got better at it. My current “challenge project” is learning how to knit socks. I realize that I could go to the store and buy socks for a lot less than what good quality yarn costs, but that defeats the purpose of making my own. More specifically knitting boot socks that aren’t too thick for my boots yet are thick enough to keep my feet warm in the cold weather.  

I also enjoy being outside and working hard, getting fresh air and going to bed tired after a day of being outside. 

It has been a goal of mine to live somewhere, where I could have a garden and have a kitchen where I would be able to can and preserve food for the winter months. That also goes back to History, as women worked hard, had gardens, cooked, cleaned, canned and so much more. 

Lately I have been missing the sense of home I had while I was in college and had my own place. I miss having my own home, and being the woman of the house. The second apartment I had, was most definitely my home. I had decorated it, and had my own set of rules. I could have friends over whenever I wanted and could let them stay the weekend. One of the girls nights I had done, I had fit like 9 girls including myself in my tiny living room for pizza and a movie. It was a blast. 

Adventures have been amazing, to go, see and experience life inside and out of the city, mainly outside though. I have always loved the beach and the sights of the forest covered mountains. I never get tired of either. 


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