Preparing For Christmas

Hi Everyone!

The past couple of weeks I have been working on accumulating a 3 ft fake Christmas Tree (I love the real thing but I will talk about my reasons for getting the fake one in a bit), as well as lights for said tree and a few ornaments to add to the collection I have started already. 

I bought the fake tree because it will be easier to take care of, I won’t have to water it, or deal with the shedding of needles. I am from Oregon, which is the largest producer of Christmas Trees in the nation. Due to the fact that I am still single, and looking to move somewhere else in the near future, I still want a Christmas tree, but like the idea of not all the hassle especially if I come visit my family for Christmas. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about it being a fire hazard while I was gone.  

I really like the clear tear drop lights so I had picked up some at Fred Meyer while I was there shopping. I think they are really pretty and festive. I also like the clear because they are elegant and classy. For outside the house I like the color Christmas Lights, but for the tree I like the clear.

I had started my Christmas Tree ornament collection years ago when I had gotten ahold of some that my grandparents had had that are of the 12 days of Christmas, and then my aunt had given me one of Princess Aurora as Briar Rose. 

This year I decided it was time to add to my collection, so I did some ornament shopping at Fred Meyer, where I got a snowman, a wreath of bells and a stuffed owl ornament. I also went to the Disney Store where I got The following ornaments: Mary Poppins (based in Julie Andrews), Tinker Bell, Merida (from Brave) and Tigger. 




 I love that I am starting my own collection of decorations for fall and Christmas. I am really working to be able to decorate my own place and eventually my own home if and when I marry and have a family of my own. Even if the whole husband and kids thing doesn’t work out, wherever I move will be my home, and I want to be able to decorate it and enjoy it. 

I also recently hosted a Scentsy party, so I was able to get their moose warmer (fall and wintery) and their fireflies warmer (spring and Summery) that looks like a mason jar, as well as more wax bars. I am excited for when I have my own place and I can put my fireflies warmer in my kitchen, and use my cherry tree warmer in the living room area during the spring and summer and using the moose one during the fall and winter. I am just so ready to have a job I can support myself on and having my own place. 


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