“Justice” doesn’t favor the children. 

Hey Everyone!

I am not one to take a vocal stance publicly on many hot issues, but for once I feel the need to share my thoughts on some injustices I see in the world, primarily in the behalf of children. 

I look around and see that the court systems in this country really are doing the children of this country a disservice, and rarely have their best interests at heart. 

Whether it is in cases of divorce where the children are the monkey in the middle being pulled multiple directions, and having to be pawns in their parents problems. I also see it when children are removed from their parents and placed in group homes or foster homes and either get bounced around between homes or keep being placed back into minimally adequate homes with their biological parents who are putting them in harms way, when their biological parents have already had at least one other child removed from them, and had their parental rights terminated for those older siblings, and those sibling a have since been adopted into a good home. 

The corrupt nature of our judicial system that puts neglectful and abusive parents desires ahead of what is actually in the best interest for the child is appalling. 

I am currently watching two of my friends have to transition their 32 month old foster daughter back into the care of her biological mother for the second time I her short life. My friends have been her parents for 22 out of the 32 months she has been alive. They also adopted her two older half brothers a few years ago. These three children have the same biological mother. Little Miss was taken off the foster care track and put on the adoption track several months ago, and for some ungodly reason, some idiot thought it would be a great idea to give her biological mother a third chance with her third child, after having parental rights terminated with two other children who little miss is currently being raised with. I find it appalling, and it angers me to see this precious little girl being taken away from the only parents she knows, to live with someone she doesn’t know. On top of that little miss’s had already had her parent rights terminated with her, and is now being giving a third chance? This is so wrong. Like I already said, my friends had successfully adopted Little Miss’s older half brothers, who share the same biological mother as Little Miss, so the fact that their mother was given a second chance with little miss in the first place made no sense. This third chance, after already having had her parental rights terminated (like come on, really? She has also lost her two sons) why should she get another chance. But this reall should not be about her, it is about the fact that Little Miss is being taken away from the only family she knows, with parents, her biological brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, an entire church family that loves her, and that she has known her entire short little life. Her best interest would be to be left where she is, with her biological siblings, in a good home, that was on track to adopt her and make her legal theirs. 

I have seen and heard more stories that I would like to, that similar to this story. Little Miss’s story is just one of many, and she is a statistic. She is more than just a statistic, she is a child who deserves better than to be pawn in the corrupt judicial systems game.  

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