Where life takes You. 

Hi Everyone!

Merry Christmas! It is hard to believe that Christmas is here already. This past month has flown by. With Thanksgiving, then the tree lighting, a wedding the next day and a week of training starting the Monday after the Saturday wedding. Then I was involved helping with Christmas on the Campgrounds starting the evening of my last day of training. It took me a week to get back to normal work wise and that flew by, we then had our family Christmas this past Sunday before going to the concert at church. This week has been a short work with because of Christmas and having time off to take or I lose it. Next week is my birthday week so I am using up my PTO next week before going back to my normal 4 ten hour days. 

All this busyness has helped me keep my mind off my “sister” and “Niece’s” situation and the fact that the court system is playing ping pong with that little girl, and tearing her away from the only real family she knows just for the sake of giving her bio mom “another chance”. After having had baby girl’s two older half brothers taken away and successfully adopted by baby girl’s foster parents, their bio mom should not have even had a second chance with little miss after she (little miss) was taken away the first time. I love my friends dearly and hate to see them hurting but they are adults, who can handle it. Why this whole situation bothers me so much is because it really is not in Baby Girl’s best interest to take her away from her family where she is safe, loved, well cared for and with her two biological siblings. My friends have been her parents for 2/3 of her life, and in the same home as her two half siblings, who were adopted by my friends. This whole situation of her going back to her bio mom who is a stranger to her, is not right. The system has failed this little girl in so many ways, so many times. I love my friends kids (little miss and her brothers) like they were my own niece and nephews, as that is how I see them. Little Miss has been on my heart a lot this past month. 

We did Christmas as a family this past Sunday beings my brother is spending Christmas and New Years with his girlfriend and her family. 

Tonight it hit me that it has been 10 years since I was a Senior in high school, anticipating going off to college and what I would be doing afterward, and where I would be living. I had no idea how different my life would be from that image I had as a 17 year old who was a week away from turning 18. I never would have imagined that I would move back to my parents house after college. I also never would have thought I would make it to Hawaii at 19, or go to New York to be a nanny on my own at 23. I never would have imagined being an engineering assistant, or wanting to move to Alaska. I never would have imagined I would love The History of the American West or Women’s History as much as I do. 

I am not the same girl I was 10 years ago, or even 1 year ago. 

I used to think that I’d have been married by now, and have had my first kid by now. None of that has happened. There have been times when I had wished it would have, I have come to be ok with who I am, and being free to pursue my own passion, and be who I am supposed to be. Had I gotten married at 22, I would not be the same woman I am today. In another 10 years I won’t be who I am right now. 


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