Month: January 2016

Perfect Day

Hey Everyone!

  You know when you have one of those days where everything going right, and you have an amazing day? Yeah, that was my day yesterday (Friday).

My day started stated off with getting to the bank, getting right in and taken care of, then getting to Fred Meyer before going to the mall to pick up one of my friends. While i was at the mall (the first time) I was able to pick up the entire series of J*A*G, at a decent price. I was super excited about that. My friend and I went for a hike at Scouter’s Mountain. It was an amazing hike.  

 After our hike my friend and I went to red robin and then I took her back to the mall, and I found an amazing park so I ran in ad went to Teavana and got some tea and a tumbler that was on sale. I went to ditch bros and my favorite bakery before going to the grocery store. 

Yesterday felt like a spring day, it was partially cloudy, it got up into the mid to upper 50’s for a high, and wasn’t pouring down rain. 

I love the rain, don’t get me wrong there, but after a record amount of rain in December and a couple of inches above average of rain so far this month, I was definitely feeling Cabin Fever set in. I needed to get outside, and enjoy being outside. In running to the bakery and the grocery store I went out in a tee shirt, a jean skirt and toms after I had pretty much roasted while hiking. I am definitely a cold weather person, when I think that the upper 50’s/almost 60 is tee shirt weather. I would fit right in, in SE Alaska. 

This was my “Normal” week, in like a month. By normal, I mean back to my normal 4 day work week with Friday off. Every week since the week of Christmas my schedule had been different, and it felt good to be back on my normal routine. 

Yesterday was also amazing in part because I was doing what I love, which includes being outdoors as well as building relationships with people on a one on one basis. I am not a big group person. I like people, I enjoy spending time around people, but in small groups that I am comfortable with or on an individual basis. I am an introvert, and do need a certain amount of alone time to recharge. Around some people who I have known my whole life and have more of an active role in my life during that time I am more ” outgoing”, but that has a lot to do with the fact that I have known them for as long as I can remember, and always had had positive interactions with them since I was little. 

  For having to live in the city for the time being, I love that the country is so close, so that I can easily escape the craziness of city life. I had seen these horses, and not even two minutes away were expensive houses, on a hill, in the city. Where my friend and I were hiking was legitimately in the city, and what is still in the heart of the metro area. 


Who am I now

Hey everyone! 

The past few weeks I have been reassessing the direction my life is going and what direction I should be working toward. 

When I was younger (under the age of 25) I was totally working toward a career and pursuing an education, because that is what society told me I was supposed to be doing. While neither of those things are bad, they may not be for me.

I have definitely changed since I was the 23 year old, who packed up and went off to New York to be a nanny. That girl wanted a “real” career, who was focused all on my own goals. I was totally focused on being completely self sufficient and taking care of myself. 

I haven’t given up working, as I still have bills to pay, and I am still single. Though I have recently realized, that it isn’t just about me. Even though I am still single I believe there is a guy out there for me to marry and have a family with. 

When I went to college, it was completely for selfish reasons, I did it for myself, in order to further my career, and how many 18 to 22 years think about their education as an opportunity to grow as a person, and help them become a better adult. Now, yes it can still help me in terms of work and jobs and stuff, but it also more than that. If and when I have kids, I will be able to be a better mom. I don’t regret anything I have done, it all has shaped me into who I am today, and I am a stronger person because of everything I have experienced. 

If I could do anything I wanted, I would want to live on a farm, and have a vegetable garden, where I could grow vegetables and berries, and have a few fruit trees. I would also want to be a stay at home wife and mother if it was financially possible. I would continue to blog about life, living on a farm and what that entails, as well as doing more about living a healthier lifestyle and growing a lot of my own food, as well as home preservation of food. Even if I never have a farm, I would love to have a back yard, and put some raised beds for growing food, and maybe have a few chickens. 

I grew up in the city, which in itself isn’t a bad thing, it just didn’t work well for me, and for my personality. My parents worked, and I was responsible for getting my homework done myself from the time I was in elementary school. From the time I was old enough to be left home alone, I would be home alone after school until my brother or parents got home. As much as I hate to admit it, in high school, unless my homework involved reading a book, if it didn’t get done during the school day, it just didn’t get done. I typically came home and watched tv until my parents got home and then read a book until I went to bed. So yeah, I want a different lifestyle for my children should I ever have them. 

College was a completely different story from my middle school and high school experience. I had chosen a school that I had to move away from my parents house to attend. That honestly was the best thing I could have done for myself. It was hard at first, but by the time I had changed my major things were a lot better, I was doing my assignments, readings, and papers and I was doing a lot better. When I was doing my major and minor classes, my gpa was often over 3.0 if not it was close. Having my own place to call home was part of what made the difference. It was my space and I h ad my own rules and it was more conducive to actually doing homework. 

As a young woman in the 21st century, especially living in a large city, I grew up with the ideology that after high school you go to college and begin your career, get married and have kids, and go back to work when your maternity leave is up, and leave the actual raising  of your to someone else, because you need to have a career of your own, and living within your means on one income is archaic and it violates your rights as a woman. You want to know what is my right as a woman? Making one income work, living within our means, so that i can stay at home and be the wife and mother I know I want to be. I went to college, graduated, I have held jobs, but given the choice I would like to be a stay at home wife and mother. Maintaining a home and caring for a family is a full time job in and of itself. I am still very firm in my beliefs, and I am still very independent, and could never be a stay at home daughter (that probably has something to do with how I was raised, how independent I am, and the fact that I am the youngest of two kids). 

Part of my whole career driven mentally was so that I could afford to have my own place again. Once I went off to college, my parents house stopped being home, so when I had to move back to my parents house after college, it never felt like home, when home as I knew it was what I had left behind. 

Home to me, is where I have the freedom to decorate any way o want, the freedom to have friends over if I want, and they can stay over if that is how it works. Home is having my own kitchen where everything in it was mine, and it was organized how I wanted it. I guess that could be partially a girl thing. Now that I know what it is like to have a home of my own and have that responsibility and freedom, I had thrived in that environment. The responsibility and freedom went hand in hand, and I thrived on both, and I want that again, as well as a husband and family to live there with me. 

I am the kind of person who thinks the city life is overrated and was bored by it years ago. My adventures blog pretty much affirms that, as I was always going somewhere to get out of the city on the weekends and spending 2 weeks in the city without a break was more than enough. By city life I mean a city of more than 25,000 people. I have lived in a small town in the middle of nowhere and did just fine. 

My blog has totally evolved over the years since I began blogging, more than 4.5 years ago. It has been interesting to see my journey in who I am over the past several years. 

That is a lot for a blog post, so I think I will leave it there for now. 

Crazy busy month

Hey Everyone! 

The past month has been crazy. I haven’t had my normal weekly schedule in over a month. The weeks of Christmas and New Years I had short work weeks, then last week I switched days off so I could go to a family funeral and this week I took off yesterday and went to the beach for the day. 

Last night one of my friends had her baby. She now has 16 month old twin boys and a newborn infant son. I am excited for her and know she will have her hands full with 3 boys so close in age. I have been friends with her youngest sister pretty much my whole life, but didn’t start getting to get to know her better until a couple summers ago (when she was pregnant with the twins). 

The past month and a half really has been busy and I am hoping to get back into my “normal schedule” again soon. I don’t mind being busy, I just kinda miss the consistency. 

Books, knitting, music and hiking

Hey Everyone!

Since this year began I have been trying to fit in more knitting and time spent reading books. 

Pretty much the whole reason I had minored in literature while I was in college, was so I could read books. 

In early elementary school, I hated reading and I had struggled with it. Somewhere around third grade it started changing. In 4th and 5th grade I was on library duty and enjoyed that. In middle school the library was one of my favorite places. In high school, books became my best friend. Pretty much once my parents got home, I was in my room reading books, instead of doing math homework. One year in English class, for the first book we read we got to choose the book we read, I had picked Gone with the Wind, and had read it from beginning to end well before we were supposed to be done with our books. 

During high school I had started my own library, and had started my own collection of books. College had only fueled that book collection. 

While I was an early childhood/elementary education major my two focus areas were going to be History and English. When I changed my major History became Social Science (my major) and English became Literature (my minor). College helped me further my own personal library between the books I had for classes and the books I bought for myself. By the end of college I seriously had a large packing box full of books, which I still have.

Since I graduated from college I have been adding books to my collection every chance I get. Besides the box of books from my college days, i can’t quantify how many books I have bought since then, as they are all spread out in different boxes. All I know is that I am going to need at least two tall book cases to fit them all, I may even need a third. I have been bought (in store) or ordered all of Robin Jones Gunn’s books and Nicholas Sparks’ books as they come out. I also bought the entire Outlander series last year. 

I realize that not everyone is as into reading and books as I am, and others are more so. Reading and books are second nature to me. Books, knitting, music and adventures (especially hiking) are four things I can’t live with out. These four things help me to destress and tune out the external forces that keep trying to hold me back from living my own life to the fullest.