Books, knitting, music and hiking

Hey Everyone!

Since this year began I have been trying to fit in more knitting and time spent reading books. 

Pretty much the whole reason I had minored in literature while I was in college, was so I could read books. 

In early elementary school, I hated reading and I had struggled with it. Somewhere around third grade it started changing. In 4th and 5th grade I was on library duty and enjoyed that. In middle school the library was one of my favorite places. In high school, books became my best friend. Pretty much once my parents got home, I was in my room reading books, instead of doing math homework. One year in English class, for the first book we read we got to choose the book we read, I had picked Gone with the Wind, and had read it from beginning to end well before we were supposed to be done with our books. 

During high school I had started my own library, and had started my own collection of books. College had only fueled that book collection. 

While I was an early childhood/elementary education major my two focus areas were going to be History and English. When I changed my major History became Social Science (my major) and English became Literature (my minor). College helped me further my own personal library between the books I had for classes and the books I bought for myself. By the end of college I seriously had a large packing box full of books, which I still have.

Since I graduated from college I have been adding books to my collection every chance I get. Besides the box of books from my college days, i can’t quantify how many books I have bought since then, as they are all spread out in different boxes. All I know is that I am going to need at least two tall book cases to fit them all, I may even need a third. I have been bought (in store) or ordered all of Robin Jones Gunn’s books and Nicholas Sparks’ books as they come out. I also bought the entire Outlander series last year. 

I realize that not everyone is as into reading and books as I am, and others are more so. Reading and books are second nature to me. Books, knitting, music and adventures (especially hiking) are four things I can’t live with out. These four things help me to destress and tune out the external forces that keep trying to hold me back from living my own life to the fullest. 


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