Perfect Day

Hey Everyone!

  You know when you have one of those days where everything going right, and you have an amazing day? Yeah, that was my day yesterday (Friday).

My day started stated off with getting to the bank, getting right in and taken care of, then getting to Fred Meyer before going to the mall to pick up one of my friends. While i was at the mall (the first time) I was able to pick up the entire series of J*A*G, at a decent price. I was super excited about that. My friend and I went for a hike at Scouter’s Mountain. It was an amazing hike.  

 After our hike my friend and I went to red robin and then I took her back to the mall, and I found an amazing park so I ran in ad went to Teavana and got some tea and a tumbler that was on sale. I went to ditch bros and my favorite bakery before going to the grocery store. 

Yesterday felt like a spring day, it was partially cloudy, it got up into the mid to upper 50’s for a high, and wasn’t pouring down rain. 

I love the rain, don’t get me wrong there, but after a record amount of rain in December and a couple of inches above average of rain so far this month, I was definitely feeling Cabin Fever set in. I needed to get outside, and enjoy being outside. In running to the bakery and the grocery store I went out in a tee shirt, a jean skirt and toms after I had pretty much roasted while hiking. I am definitely a cold weather person, when I think that the upper 50’s/almost 60 is tee shirt weather. I would fit right in, in SE Alaska. 

This was my “Normal” week, in like a month. By normal, I mean back to my normal 4 day work week with Friday off. Every week since the week of Christmas my schedule had been different, and it felt good to be back on my normal routine. 

Yesterday was also amazing in part because I was doing what I love, which includes being outdoors as well as building relationships with people on a one on one basis. I am not a big group person. I like people, I enjoy spending time around people, but in small groups that I am comfortable with or on an individual basis. I am an introvert, and do need a certain amount of alone time to recharge. Around some people who I have known my whole life and have more of an active role in my life during that time I am more ” outgoing”, but that has a lot to do with the fact that I have known them for as long as I can remember, and always had had positive interactions with them since I was little. 

  For having to live in the city for the time being, I love that the country is so close, so that I can easily escape the craziness of city life. I had seen these horses, and not even two minutes away were expensive houses, on a hill, in the city. Where my friend and I were hiking was legitimately in the city, and what is still in the heart of the metro area. 


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