Historical Ficton

Hey Everyone!

It is hard to believe that it is Thursday already. Then again I am not surprised, with being exhausted.

This past week I finished up watching season six of Downton Abbey. After the last episode I was kinda sad to see it end. Though I was happy that Edith got her “happy ending”. This week I have been watching J*A*G while I work, I used to watch the later seasons during me teen years when it was still on the air. I am still o the second season so the episodes are new to me. I also had bought Mercy Street which is set during the civil war, and takes place primarily in a make shift Union hospital in the south. While I am fully aware that both Downton Abbey and Mercy Street are historical fiction but the fact that both are put out by PBS, I would expect that there is more historical accuracy about the era than in other period dramas.

I love period dramas, especially those set here in the United States (with Downton Abbey being the exception to that rule). I love everything from the sets, to the costumes, to the lighting (it is definitely darker and not as bright) and the music. All these elements and more really set the tone for the work, and there are ways (which Mercy Street has done), to really bring the audience into the era of the Civil War, and while you know it was filmed in 2015, it doesn’t have that 2015/2016 feel to it. While it is of a better video quality than the old VHS tapes of Five Mile Creek, authentically they feel about the same (and both are set in the same era).

I am fascinated by the historical shows that have actual roots in history. Here a few months ago I came across the quest series. The producers had done 4 different reality shows in Canada where they set out to recreate 4 different scenarios to be as historically accurate as possible and essentially sent people “back in time” to live as their ancestors had during each period. Two couples had spent a year living on the frontier.

While I am working I either have a tv show going in the background or music. In college I got used to listening to music while I studied so that carried over to life after college.



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