“Justice” Update

Hi Everyone!

It still amazes me, almost two months later how much attention and track backs my post Justice Doesn’t Favor the Children has gotten in that amount of time. Like seriously, I had written it mainly as a way to vent my frustration when all I could do was stand by and watch as Little Miss is treated like nothing more than a rag doll by the judicial system.

a little update on Little Miss, she was supposed to have been transitioned back to her bio Mom by the new year, now a little over a month after the new year and my friends are still her foster parents, and will be for a while longer. I would be surprised if they still have her on her upcoming birthday (which is still a couple months away).

I had gone back and looked over that post, and I still feel the way I did when I wrote it. Seeing children tossed about in a cold, harsh, cruel system that rarely seems to put their needs and what is in their best interest ahead of their parents agendas.

It also breaks my heart beyond words, as well as makes me fighting mad to know that there are people out there that abuse children, especially their own children. No child should ever suffer from child abuse, especially at the hands of their parents. I have heard about some of the abuse that has been inflicted on some children at the hands of their parents and it makes me angry. I have also heard about the trauma left behind on these children’s lives from the abuse and neglect they suffered from an extremely young age. I am outraged by it.

When it comes to divorce and Coparenting, I have my thoughts on that, I would like to see fathers be able to have a relationship with their children (unless they legitimately did something that would cause an unsafe situation for the child to be in) but that is ultimately up to each couple.


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