Role Model?!?!?!

Hey Everyone!

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I realized how much of a role model I am to others. 

There have been many times when I have shunned the idea that I am any kind of role model to those around me, then one of the girls who I have realized looks up to me, is the sweetest thing I have seen, and it reminds that no matter how much I try to avoid it, i remember that these girls are worth the work required of me to be a role model. I love these girls, like they are my little sisters or younger cousins. 

That has influenced some of my choices and why I do what I do. Being a part of their lives, and being a part of the village that helps shape the women they will become is worth making the hard choices and choosing not to do certain things that may or may not have a negative impact on the lives of those around me. I don’t live my life for others, but I am conscience of the impression I am making. 

I have also considered how my actions and my choices could have an impact on my career. Making the best of the jobs I have, even if where I am at isn’t going to be a career, each job is a stepping stone and experience under my belt. 

When I come up, I want people to speak highly of me without reservation. 


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