Working A Lot: an update

Hey Everyone!

As with anything in life, not everything goes according to plan. I was supposed to work this weekend, but then at the last minute things changed and someone else was working the roadshow this weekend. I still have to go to help break stuff down tomorrow. Cons: not as much additional income, Pros: not having to be on my feet for an additional 16 hours, I could have my weekend back, and I got to see my best friend today, which I wasn’t expecting. Beings that the road show isn’t my primary source of income I am not as bummed as I otherwise would have if my hours had been cut.

That being said I still am getting a few extra hours, and got my weekend back. I was able to get some extrA sleep this morning after working 51 hours this past week. 

I also went to the mall twice today, the first time was to pick up a wedding shower gift for a shower I went to this afternoon. I also went back as did a little bit of clothes shopping for this spring and summer. I found the cutest pair of wedges, that will go great with jeans and one of the dresses I have. I also found a couple of pairs of cute sandles for this summer. 


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