Being a young adult in the city

Hey Everyone!

It has been a busy weekend and I am only about 2/3 of the way through it. 

Yesterday and today I have been running errands, going to a concert, running more errands, seeing the city I grew up in with a different perspective, and doing some reorganization of yarn, and other things I have sitting around, so I can work on decluttering a bit until I need some of this stuff. 

Today in addition to what I already mentioned I also edited my vlog from yesterday, and it is working on uploading, and I have been writing blog posts.

Last nights concert was amazing. My friend and I had gone to the Rend Collective concert. It was a concert, and it was also a worship service, which was pretty amazing. I hadn’t been to that kind of worship service before. 

Rend Collective has quickly become my favorite Christian Group followed closely by I am They. I love their style, and their message. Their message has really been inspiring to me lately, as it also embodies a lot of who I am. Part of that is that being a church is more than where you attend church and who you attend with, but as a body of believers, we as Christians are the church. Last night my friend and I were where we only knew each other, but didn’t really feel out of place. 

For the past decade pretty much, I hadven’t been a fan of city life, though in the past could of months my perspective has been changing towards it as I have discovered more to it than just the little 3 mile radius I grew up with. The job I had at the knitting studio in NE had definitely forced me out of the little world I had been in, in a good way. The jobs I had had previously to that were primarily out in the West Side, where is still felt insulted from the inner city. Portland is fairly eclectic and culturally diverse. While it is no San Francisco, it is an interesting place. While I haven’t actually watched Portlandia, from what I have heard from the other Portland Natives who have seen it, it is pretty spot on for Portland Culture. 

Today I had gone to my favorite bakery for a treat and a couple of local yarn stores for some yarn. It was interesting experience. The first one I went to was my normal go to store for yarn for myself, the second I was not expecting it to be as it was. The yarn was on bulk cones and you picked what you wanted and how much (in oz) and then had it wound off onto another cone. I had gotten a pale purple and a grey put together so it would be more of a heathered yarn. This store kind of reminded me of the studio where I used to work, and hiw sometimes we would put two different colors of the #72  1 ply – cashmere together rather than making the two ply out of the same color. I am super excited to work with it and see how it turns out. 



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