Adventures in the City

Hi Everyone!

When you live somewhere, I know at least for myself o get into a routine and really get in a rut and then don’t get out of it and explore the city in which I am living. 

I had gone on an adventure with one of my best friends today. We started out going to the Chinese Garden (an annual tradition for us), after which we went and took the OHSU Tram (a first time experience for both of us). I had been on Max prior today, but today was the first time I had also gone on the Portland Street Car. While that is not a big deal for some, I am one who is used to driving where I need and want to go that mass transit is still new to me. I can at least catch a bus that will get me close enough to the courthouse that it is only about a four block walk the rest of the way (and yes I have done that in the rain), and get myself home again after jury duty was done. When I was in New York, I just followed one of the other nannies who had been there a bit longer. 

It was amazing to see the city I have lived in for so many years from different vantage point s that I don’t normally get to see it take in due to either 1) I am driving or 2) it is not somewhere I normally go, especially on the west side of the city. In the east side of the city (not including North Portland) I can generally get myself back from anywhere I drive to, even taking the surface streets because I know the system and can generally find a street name I am familiar with, and then get to someplace I know. 

Beyond the adventures, I have been working hard to understand what I am supposed to do with my life career wise. Even at my age I don’t have it all figured out. I am working, and I am thankful for my job, and then on my weekends I go out and do what I love, and I have started vlogging it as well, so I can use another platform to share what I love. Doing what I love, then turning around and blogging, Instagramming, and sharing pictures and then editing a vlog is pretty much another part time job that I don’t get paid to do, rather I pay to do it,  but I love it more and more. Especially with the vlogging, there aren’t many vloggers that I know of, who are from around here. I know of two others. 

There is definitely more to this state than this city, which I would love to explore more of, in addition to my city explorations. 

I also coming home from a long day of adventures, and getting some more work done, from sharing that day’s adventure then being tired, and sleeping well that night. 


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