Hey Everyone!

What a busy weekend. Not only was Friday a busy day spending it with my best friend in the city, then going grocery shopping and church, then yesterday I went for a drive out along the Columbia River. 

Normally, my adventures in the past few years have been down to where I went to college, or the beach and in the rare occasion I went north up to Washington. I went out through the gorge more often before I went to New York, which was back in July of 2011. I forgot why I fell in love with the area between Hood River and the Dalles. Hood River is on te northern end of Central Oregon, where as the Dalles is in the northwestern end of eastern Oregon. The area out there is rugged, wild and tough. I love it. I had forgotten how at home I feel out there. I could totally see myself moving out there and settling down out there. It is still close enough to the city to come in to go shopping and stock up on the GF/DF food I couldn’t get out there, but far enough out that I wouldn’t be in the metro area. At least one of the towns has my favorite coffee place (for as often as I drink it), my favorite clothes store, the two grocery stores I am used to and a Bi-Mart. Hood River and the Dalles are also known for their fruit, so I could totally go get cherries, pie cherries, peaches and probably pears and do some canning. It also wouldn’t be that hard to come into town and go to Kruger farms and get pickling Cucumbers, dill and garlic to make dill pickles and from Thompson farms raspberries and strawberries to eat and make jam out of. Nothing is set in stone, and it totally not happen, but it is something I am praying about. 

I started using ItWorks Greens and Chews 5 days ago, and I already have noticed a difference. I am waiting for my fat fighters to arrive. I am also wanting to try hair skin and nails. I am not a distributor, at least not yet. That is something I am thinking about, but don’t want to decide on until I see how the products work for me, and if it is something I want to stick with. 

The past few months, I have learned that there are things in life that I should not and will not compromise on, when it comes to dating and guys. When the right one comes along, the things that make up who I am, and what makes me feel alive he will embrace the same things and be down with the others (like the occasional girls night or girls weekend) that allow me to recharge. I won’t change the essence of who I am for a guy. I am not saying I am looking for Prince Charming or “the perfect guy” as they don’t exist. But there are those who are a good match. I would seriously prefer to be single than in a bad relationship, and that, how I was raised and the life experiences I have had, are how I have become the woman I am today. 


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