Creating my own Community 

Hi Everyone! 

Anyone ever have those moments where you are stopped dead in your tracks, and are like “What I have been wanting is not what I am supposed to be doing, but rather creating that where I am”. 

Since I was in college all I have wanted was to continue living in a small town, and then I graduated and had to move back to the big city where I have felt lost, confused and alone with no real sense of purpose. Over the past year and a half, I have occasionally had the feeling that maybe I am supposed to stay and there is a purpose for me here. Today while I was out driving in the country it was like something hit me and was like “the city is where you are supposed to be, there is work to be done that only you can do”. 

I have yet to find a job I can support myself on, but I believe that will happen. 

I have also realized that I have been building my own little community here. It had been a few months coming but I have come to see that I have a role to play here, and once I stopped fighting it, I have been seeing things change for the better. 


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